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  • Is the Herzoghof community practice an institute?
    No. We are NOT an institute or outpatient clinic. There are also no doctors on our premises. We are a group practice, an association of freelance physiotherapists and massage therapists who share this location and the infrastructure. Each therapist is self-employed and does this work on a freelance basis.
  • Is there a doctor in the house?
    There are no doctors on our premises. However, there are doctors (paediatrician, ENT, surgeon) in the building at Plüddemanngasse 67a. However, these are not involved in any way in the Praxisgemeinschaft Herzoghof - Practice for Physiotherapy and Remedial Massage.
  • How does the first appointment go?
    Nice that we can welcome you to our group practice. In order to get an exact impression of your symptoms, we first carry out a comprehensive anamnesis. We evaluate your condition and agree on a therapy goal together, which corresponds to your possibilities and limitations. Please bring the doctor's prescription and relevant findings with you. The ultimate goal is a quick freedom from pain and freedom of movement. Please note that there are often no treatments in the first therapy unit.
  • Is there parking?
    There is the possibility to park in the APCOA underground car park. We can issue discounted parking tickets for this. The use of other parking facilities that are not connected to our practice (DENN's, Hofer, McDonalds, etc.) is at your own risk. We are not liable for any fines resulting from unlawful use of the parking spaces and advise against using them.
  • Is the practice barrier-free?
    Yes, you can also take the lift from the parking garage to us.
  • How long do the treatments last?
    The duration of the treatment depends on the nature of your concern and what your doctor has prescribed for you. During the first consultation, we will evaluate the individually most sensible option for you.
  • Do I have to go to the physiotherapist that the doctor noted on the prescription?
    No, these are only medical recommendations. You are also welcome to come to us if there is a different name on the regulation. However, we recommend that the name of the treated therapist be noted on the prescription if possible.
  • At what intervals do the therapeutic treatments take place?
    This depends on the nature of your request and the requirements of the social security agency. The treatments usually take place weekly.
  • Do all prescribed therapy units (usually seven or ten) have to be consumed?
    No, this is not strictly mandatory. Depending on the symptoms, we define a sensible therapy goal together. We are happy to communicate this goal to your social security agency.
  • Is there a change of therapists as part of the therapy?
    No, there is no change of therapist during the therapy. Exception: The therapist is expressly requested to change or the therapist treated is of the opinion that the specialization of a colleague fits your symptoms better (certain symptoms that require specialization and/or further training). If such a case occurs, we will discuss all options with you.
  • Can I add another series after the first series of therapy?
    The first series of therapies can be used without the approval of the chief physician, provided no physiotherapy has taken place in the last 3 months (exception: KFA-insured persons). The referral slip usually already represents the guarantee of a cost contribution from your health insurance. However, if you have used physiotherapy within the last 13 weeks, you should have the prescription approved by your responsible health insurance company BEFORE starting therapy. The cost-sharing of the health insurance is not guaranteed and the costs may have to be paid in full privately if you do not have the prescription / referral approved. (In this case, the therapy should still take place, but without cost sharing from the respective social security agency).
  • Is a transfer always necessary?
    In order to receive physical therapy, you need a physical therapy prescription/referral. You can get this from your specialist doctor or family doctor, who also makes the diagnosis. Please bring this referral slip with you to the first appointment. Since these transfers are limited in time, it is advisable to book an appointment as soon as possible. Please note that physiotherapists are bound by instructions - as soon as a medical diagnosis is available, we can only treat you with a doctor's prescription / referral. Exception: Of course, if you are symptom-free, you can also use physiotherapy to achieve attractive health goals or to take preventive action. In this case, however, there is no entitlement to a reimbursement of costs by the health insurance company or the respective social security agency. Again, as soon as a medical diagnosis is available, we can only treat you with a doctor's prescription / referral.
  • How much does the social security agency reimburse?
    See the tariff list on the PRICES page. The tariffs listed there apply to the year 2022. Tariff adjustments for the calendar year 2023 will be published soon. All information without guarantee.



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